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Sensor Illuminated
Drug Discovery
Animal Free Artificial Intelligence

Sensor Driven Artificial Intelligence 

Linking Discovery to Validation

Tissue Dynamics bionic microtissues are three dimensional human organoids embedded with electrooptical sensors that provide critical insight into human-relevant mechanisms. These proprietary physiological models, are powered by unprecedented AI & automation capabilities. 

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Towards Animal Free
Drug Development

Tissue Dynamics is focused on disrupting the drug development landscape, by dramatically increasing clinical success rates using human-relevant models and sensor-driven discovery. 


Mechanistic Insights Increase Clinical Success

Data-driven insights on mechanism of action reduce clinical risk by providing critical information on human specific efficacy, possible adverse events, dose, distribution, and drug target interactions; reducing drug development costs by up to 80%.

Fighting the Global

Tissue Dynamics team led by Prof. Nahmias led the discovery of fenofibrate as treatment for lipotoxicity caused by viral infection. Uncovering human specific intervention unavailable in small animal models.

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This project has received funding and a European seal of excellence from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.