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Unveiling DynamiX® a Bionic Multi Organ-on-Chip Bioanalyzer

Unveiling DynamiX® a Bionic Multi Organ-on-Chip Bioanalyzer

DynamiX is a table-top multi-organ-on-chip instrument capable of communicating directly with sensors embedded in living human microtissues, while mimicking the natural physiological environment of the human body. Tissue Dynamic’s new platform is a breakthrough in animal-free drug development. The award-winning technology has been used to discover human-specific therapeutics in cancer, metabolic disease and viral infections.

Rehovot, Dec. 2022 – Drug development is a Sisyphean endeavor that takes over 10 years of work, and costs over $2.6B to bring a single drug to the market. Despite decades of work, the field is still heavily reliant on animal models, like mice, that have different metabolism, genetics and physiology from humans. These differences lead to many clinical failures. In fact, more than 88% of clinical studies fail due to unknown adverse events or misunderstood mechanism of action.

The DynamiX core bionic human microtissue technology was developed in 2015 and hailed as one of the major breakthroughs in animal alternative testing by the European Research Council. The technology received a seal of excellence from the European Commission in 2020. “

While developing DynamiX, I felt like Galileo, pointing the first telescope to the skies and seeing new things everywhere I looked” said Prof. Yaakov Nahmias, the CTO and founder of Tissue Dynamics “We discovered new physiological mechanisms never before seen, as they don’t exist in rodents, and have brough the vision of animal-free drug development a massive step forward”. The technology has been used in recent years to discover the mechanism for the clinical toxicity of troglitazone, new mechanisms of coronavirus infection, and increase chemotherapeutics safey of cisplatin. The technology has been used by L’Oreal, Teva pharmaceuticals and Merck KGaA.

Like other organ-on-chip instruments, the DynamiX® supports the culture of human microtissues for several weeks under physiological conditions. However, the design accepts a wide variety of organ models, including organoids, spheroids, and tissue microsections in 384 well plate format.

The DynamiX® unique advantage lies in its ability to interface with sensors directly embedded in human microtissues, called bionic, due to the integration of living cells with optoelectronics. The instrument includes integrated sensors for oxygen, glucose, lactate, and glutamine enabling real time data acquisition. This dynamic data provides rapid and direct measurements of extracellular metabolic fluxes, like glycolysis or respiration, superior to other instruments in the field.

Further sensor analysis is carried out on the MechaniX® software, that can extrapolate drug efficacy and toxicity thresholds of activity. Metabolic analysis provides balance of central carbon metabolic, directing users towards specific mechanism of action.

Integrating automation-friendly technologies, DynamiX® avoid manual, and error-prone processes, while tracking key metabolic aspects for weeks in real time without human intervention. This groundbreaking technology provides thousands of human-relevant datapoints from each experiment, suitable for both independent machine learning and integrated in silico-in vitro approaches.

Applications range from disease modeling, hit identification to target validation, extending safety and efficacy evaluations far beyond current methodologies.

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